Silver Bars vs Gold Bullion

Gold bullion has been the Cadillac of investments for more than a decade, much preferred over silver bars with investors that can afford to buy gold.  Indeed, gold has always been the symbol of stability and safety even when economies are so bad that they are in depression.  But when it comes to deciding whether to invest in silver bars or gold bullion you may want to change your attitude on the safety of gold as an investment.

Current Per Ounce Price Of Silver

Any metal you invest in has intrinsic worth.  No matter what the price of silver per ounce or price of gold per ounce, a dollar’s worth will always be worth a dollar.  Inflation does not affect the value of precious metals; if five dollars buys an ounce of silver today and we have 50% inflation, you can still get silver for that same $5 although it will be inflated to $10.  It will still buy what it would have bought when it was at its lowest price.  You will be able to sell it at those same inflated prices since its value does not change along with the currency.  The same goes for other precious metals you buy; they will always have the same core value.

However, there are arguments that silver bars are now a better investment than gold, even though both metals have permanent, enduring value.  You know that the price of gold is very high right now but have you noticed how silver is inching up?  The current silver price is rising and doesn’t show signs of stopping.  This is due to the law of supply and demand; silver is in demand in nearly every major industry, the investment niche, for collectors, and for people who want a means of barter if the dollar collapses.  Since silver is a finite resource, the more it is mined the scarcer it becomes.

For this reason it would be wise to invest in silver bars or other forms of silver even if your preferred investment metal is gold.  While gold is valuable in the fashion world and has some uses in manufacturing, silver is used in every electronic device in use today and 90% of the supply available has already been mined.  The current price of silver per ounce is a fraction of what it will be just a few years from now when scarcity of silver begins to hit the industrial sector.

Silver bars are an excellent investment and will ultimately prove to be more valuable than gold.  They are affordable at the moment and those who invest in silver bars will undoubtedly be compared to those wise investors who made a killing in the tech market or those who invested early in oil.

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