Future Of Silver And Current Prices

Anyone looking at the current price of silver compared with a few years ago would not be impressed much with silver as an investment.  Most commercial investment firms, and many independent precious metals businesses, encourage people to buy gold for financial security.  However, they don’t take into account the future of silver and the increased demand that it will enjoy in a year or two.

Current Price Per Ounce Of Silver

You have only to look at gold to see how economies, industries, politics, and social aspects can drive up the price of precious metals.  As economies around the world have worsened, the price of gold has risen.  This is not because gold is more valuable per se, but because gold is seen as stable and safe.  A 2013 dollar bill may be worth a dollar one day and 95¢ the next but a dollar’s worth of precious metals is always worth a dollar.  Silver enjoys the same stability but with one important difference—silver is not just an investment asset but is absolutely essential in most of the industries that power the world.

While other precious metals increase in value because economic and social issues drive people toward financial security, the price of silver is bound to increase—and has been increasing—because it is also of value in the manufacture of commercial products.  Warren Buffett and George Soros, not to mention Bill Gates, are heavily invested in silver and have been for a long time.  Such financial giants never buy anything that is not in their self interest.  And although silver has fallen from its all time high of close to $50 in 2011, these magnates have not been selling silver.  In fact, they have increased their holdings of silver regardless of the silver spot price of the day.

So why do smart investors buy silver?  You’ve heard the old adage of “buy low, sell high” and probably wished you had a hot tip for a stock that can’t lose.  Well, now you do!  If you buy silver now, its future prices are almost guaranteed to rise steadily and the demand will increase until it is as or more valuable than gold.  This may seem like an unbelievable claim but nearly all the available silver on the planet has already been mined—while industrial demand for it continues to grow.

The main reason for investing in anything is to make a profit as demand for it increases.  Silver is in demand not only in industry but as a stable source of wealth that won’t depreciate.  The current price of silver per ounce is beginning to rise steadily and shows no sign of slowing down as the market begins to realize what a valuable, finite resource it is.  If you can take advantage of the current price of silver you’ll be taking a big step toward financial stability and independence.

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